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If you are a professional of any kind offering services to businesses or clients, or you are a small business owner or a freelancer, you have every reason to get professional indemnity insurance. Here at Professional Indemnity First, we have the right solutions which will fit any conceivable insurance need you might have.

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But why do you need PI insurance cover?

So many people ask this question because they don’t have any understanding about the importance of professional indemnity insurance. To begin with, this insurance should be a serious consideration .

when the nature of your job involves designing, giving professional advice or delivering professional services. The simple reason for this is due to the fact that there are chances of you committing professional mistakes leading to the damage of property belonging to the client or your advice makes them incur losses in their business. No one would like to suffer such risks in business hence they are likely to sue you for damages so that they recoup some of their losses. /p>

In the event that you are sued by a professional for negligence or mistakes that you do while working for them, you can lose money in two avenues. The first and the most dreaded one is when the court awards huge amounts of money in terms of damages caused by your actions as a professional. Such awards can be financially crippling!

Secondly, the legal costs needed to defend yourself as well as your business in such instances will always be so high. Therefore, in order not to feel the financial pinch during such instances, professional indemnity insurance is your best bet.

We have insured 400+ professions and still counting

Our main strengths lies in offering tailor made solutions that will blend seamlessly with the specific and unique needs of your business. We have great packages to serve the interests of freelancers, professionals as well as small business owners.

Affordable professional Indemnity Insurance

From only £78.40p.a, we are able to give you the best insurance packages that you can trust during your times of financial turbulence. Our years of experience and pool of highly qualified experts makes us second to none thus making us one of the top rated brokers in the United Kingdom.

Efficient and Expedite covers

It only takes a matter of minutes to get your preferred insurance policy from Professional Indemnity First. We value you as an esteemed customer and we have great respect for your time. Because of this, we have made it simple and easy to arrange for all your insurance needs. We do this with a great deal of professionalism.

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Feel free to get in touch with us today for customized solutions which will ensure that you don’t have sleepless nights whenever such situations arise. Our experts are ready and waiting to offer you with any kind of advice you might need in order to make your business as well as profession secure. Contact us today and let’s get the ball rolling.

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Dealing with Professional Indemnity First is the one of those great solutions I ever made in my life. Not only their products but also their staffs are world class.

Jeremy Mallow, Sheffield.

If you want peace of mind in all your professional indemnity as well as other business insurances, then this is the company to deal with. They are simply amazing and they care for your needs.

James Waters, London.

I thought that there are no longer good and honest insurance brokers but my thoughts were invalidated when I learnt about Professional Indemnity First.

Sally Palmer, Hereford.

I finally found an insurance company that say what they mean and are keen on delivering on their promises. Very few of such exists and ma glad that Professional Indemnity First does.

Emmanuel Victor, Nairobi

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The years which we have been serving our clients have made us develop a reputation that is comparable to none in the insurance industry.

The first benefit that we will accord you is the superior products which we offer. Our products are backed with a lot of research to make them.


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